After releasing recordings for two and a half decades, I plan to release my first record in 2017. The working title is Sand Dollar Loop. (Can you see why it’s not the actual title? But it’s better than the first two working titles).


Recordings and records are not the same thing and vinyl is a pressing matter.


I read an article about Bob Dylan recently that claimed “every time he stands at the microphone he treats it like it’s his last performance.”


I hope future critics of the upcoming record will mimic this sentiment, acknowledging that,


“since 2017 every time he stepped into the studio he treated it like it was his last record.”


I am reclaiming the fire propelled me in the beginning — and incorporating it into something greater than the components.


What is the sum of the components? Who are we?


We are a dirigible carried by the wind. We see changes ahead and below. Cataclysms and Sigmoid curves. We speak to Steamers and to our own kind. In this timeline we learned the words from Father Rohrer via Pete Holmes: “transcend and embrace!”
I gather friends, acquaintances and members of a new working (and unnamed band) to create my best record yet, and hopefully my best recording as well.